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The Ports

Cruise Sørlandet promotes the southern region of Norway.

The region of Southern Norway is known for its diversity when it comes to experiencing culture, nature, and action. From Flekkefjord in the west, to Risor in the east, and the ports of Kristiansand, Arendal, and Farsund to accommodate any cruise ship.


Port of Arendal Overview

The port of Arendal harbours the perfect combination of historical ambiance and big city vibes. Reflected in the opulent ocean front architecture is a heritage of grandeur and The Age of Sail. A tranquil coastline with rows of charming homes and boathouses is offset by The Pollen, a vibrant string of cafes and shops only a few feet away.

Timber, trade and iron ores are key words to the history of Arendal. One of the first Iron Works was established here, as well as shipping and timber export. It is a city surrounded by islands connected by bridges and ferry services. The Raet Maritime National Park is part of coastal Arendal and a fascinating result of rock deposits from the last Ice Age. The moraine is visible above and below the waterline and attracts diving and research teams from around world.



Steeped in maritime history, Farsund is a treasure trove of preserved wooden houses and sailing vessels. To the east, the Swiss and Jugendstil homes hug the hillside where steps are streets of quirky charm. The seaport is nestled in between the North Sea and the outer harbours of Eikvåg and Loshavn at the mound of the Lyngdalfjord.


Historic piracy battles took place here and they are reenacted during the annual Privateer Festival. The city spans a whole region of smaller ports and includes the powdered sand beaches of Lista, where seabird sanctuaries  and migratory birds are a common sight. Pay a visit to one of the many lighthouses of the Farsund region and beyond. The landscape varies from rocky coasts to windswept shores, and it is a photographer’s dream come true.


Havna ny and Ñpning

 The port of Kristiansand is a picturesque bustling city at the edge of the Skagerrak Sea. Founded in 1641, at the order of King Christian of Denmark, it was strategically placed, fortified and inhabited characteristic of the Renaissance style. Once a garrison seaport, Kristiansand is renowned for its unique history of seafaring, shipbuilding, timber and fish export. Throwbacks to The Age of Sail are present in historic buildings and its particular architecture.


The oldest human discovered in Norway, «Sol», happened here and Kristiansand is at the forefront of preservation and innovative research. Kristiansand is an international cultural destination with parks and public spaces dedicated to artistic expressions. It will soon be the home of one of Europes’ largest single collection of Modern Art. The stunning archipelago and a mild climate make Kristiansand one of the most visited cities in Norway. 

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