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Skjærgårdsopplevelser Sør

Skjærgårdsopplevelser Sør promotes sailing and boat activities. Taking you on a tour with S/S Christiansand the charming 82 feet long schooner, built in 1953 with a rich and varied history, which continues to unfold. On board S/S Christiansand, cruise around Sørlandet spectacular coastal scenery. An area characterized by calm waters and a warm and friendly landscape.


Expect to see seabirds flying overhead, and plenty of fishing boats heading to and from the mainland. Get a glimpse of the Royal summer residence by Dvergsøya, where the Norwegian Crown Prince Håkon and his family spend the summer. And taste the real norwegian waffles onboard, with a slice of brown goat cheese called "brunost", the most typical Norwegian way to eat this special treat.

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