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Skråstad Farm 

On the slopes of the Torridalen valley, minutes from Kristiansand, you can visit a real orchard farmer and his family. They will share all the secrets about apple farming by the banks of the Otra River, and you may help pick apples, raspberries, or rhubarb to make juices and jams, which you later get to taste with freshly made waffles. 

Enjoy a stroll around the property before visiting the cosy farmhouse for a thematic visit to learn about National Day traditions or Norwegian Christmas traditions.

The farm is situated in surroundings so typical of the Sørlandet region - where lush greenery meets the blue river cutting through the valley. The farm was established in 1773, so there are many stories embedded in the walls. Here, traditions, tragedies, ups and downs go hand in hand. 

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