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Natur Norge Network 

A nature-based sustainable tourism network, under the motto:” JOY OF NATURE”, facilitates access to experiences and spaces in urban everyday life that provide new energy and air around the thoughts.

Attractions- Nature-based visitor centres, each deal with a different nature theme located in scenic surroundings with opportunities for activities in nature. Play and learn is a consistent key idea for us.

Accommodation- To meet the wishes of our guests for accommodation, we have developed several options. For many, the most exciting are perhaps those that lie outside in nature. Check out our fantastic micro-houses, glamping offers or the "Globe" at Viltgården.



Our aim is to bring people out into nature to experience what it has to offer. Our wildlife is a little out of the ordinary. In addition to chickens, cats, dogs, peacocks and rabbits, we have moose and wild boar. For many, it is perhaps exciting enough to look into the hens to find eggs for breakfast?

There are well-arranged hiking areas on the farm, and perhaps you want to sleep under the open sky? Although we live outside in nature, it is not far from other good activity offers. It is just over a quarter of an hour to the center of Evje with a shopping centre, restaurants and lots of shops.




Nasjonalt Villakssenter - Kvåsfossen is a national salmon centre with focus on the wild salmon and the river.  The idea behind the salmon stairs is that the salmon must swim up the river to lay their eggs, and in the past a large stone was blocking the entrance. 

Several thousand-year-old petroglyphs from the Stone Age show that our ancestors caught and ate salmon. Today, over a hundred thousand salmon lovers fish for salmon in one of our 400 small and large salmon rivers.

If you want to learn more about wild salmon, you've come to the right place. We have arranged for a holistic experience both above and below water. Everything we know about salmon we have learned from fishermen and scientists.

‍We can't wait to tell you the wonderful story of the wild salmon.

An important natural resource!



Speed sightseeing Blått Senter(2).png

The Blue Center is an ocean themed activity center for both tourists and the local population in Kristiansand.

The Blue Center offers a variety of marine experiences and activities. We collaborate with several key specialists in the region and as a result can tailor experiences for individual travelers and groups of all sizes.

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