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Bratteklev Skipsverft

Bratteklev skipsverft; an old shipyard converted into museum. Located in Arendal area, it is considered the best-preserved shipyard of its kind in the South of Norway. Once shipyards lined the entire Norwegian coast, waterways were highways and wooden boats were needed to transport people, cattle, and merchandise.

Originally a farmstead it dates to the 1870s and epitomizes the peak of an industry that eventually made way for larger boats and streamliners. Between 1867 and 1924 a total of 14 ships were built here:  eight sailboats in wood, two smaller whaling vessels in steel, three steam-powered ships in wood and one small diesel-powered ship in wood. A shipyard of historic importance that lies a scenic short car/ferry ride away from the Arendal`s city center.


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